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Testimony & Presentation - A letter from Adik

A letter from Adik

My name is Adik and I was born in 1955. In 1981 I started  to have many stomach pains and would go to the bathroom more often. For 20 years I have been going to doctors and I was not helped much. In 2001 blood came out when I went to the bathroom. Doctors told me I have Crohn's disease. Also in 2001 they gave me a colonoscopy and that's how they knew I had Crohns disease. Until 2004 I have been going to doctors and my health would go from good to bad very often. In 2004 I started to go to Dr. Guo. he promised me that he will try his hardest to get rid of it. After four months of using his medicine, I started to feel much better. I am very pleased with what he did with me and Dr. Xie also helped me very much. Now I am writing this letter because I am very happy with the fact that Dr. Guo has made me healthy again. God Bless Dr. Guo.


Adik January 1, 2006


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