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TCM Knowledge ~ Formula Selection Guide ~ Terms & Definitions

TCM Knowledge & Herbal Formulas Selection Guide

Life Rising knows that getting the proper treatment from a caring and knowledgeable acupuncturist in Chicago is one side of the coin, but educating yourself and staying informed is the other side of the coin of TCM-based health and well being. Balance is the key and the herbal formulas we offer coupled with consistent sessions of tuina or acupuncture can go a long way. Start here for background information on traditional Chinese medicine. This page has almost everything you need and want to know about traditional Chinese medicine from how and why TCM works to herbal remedy recipes and techniques to keep you in equilibrium. There is also a glossary of terms and definitions for your easy reference. Once you’ve gotten a bit of an introduction to all of this finding the right herbal formula for you couldn’t be easier with our comprehensive Chinese Herbal Formula Selection Guide. Background information is indispensable, and the more involved you are in your own treatment, the more empowered you’ll be and the better you’ll feel. Take all of your newfound knowledge with you to your next consultation and appointment for Life Rising TCM herbal therapy, Tuina or acupuncture in Northbrook, Westmont or downtown Chicago.


TCM Knowledge

From "How & Why TCM works for you" to "How to boil teas", the questions you want to ask, we have answers for you... more  

Terms & Definitions

Stomach, Shen, Liver and Yin-Yang... We have detailed explaination of these terms in Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory... more 


Formula Selection Guide

For thousands of years, herbal formulas have been relied on in China for health and well-being. Now you, too, can enjoy the benefits of authentic Chinese herbal formulas, thanks to the LIFE RISING® line of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal dietary supplements... more

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