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Panax Ginseng Extract

Name: Panax Ginseng Extract (A Natural Luxurious Tonic)

Description:Chinese Panax Ginseng is a precious plant grown mainly on Mount Chang Pai in China. Renowned for its ability to tonify Qi (nourishing and functional energy), promote stamina, and calm shen (the mind), Panax Ginseng is commonly used to improve physical and mental energy and endurance. Traditionally, it has been used as an anti-aging supplement too. According to modern pharmacological research, Panax Ginseng boosts the immune system and serves as an anti-oxidant. It is particularly suitable for weak and aged people. Life Rising's Wild Panax Ginseng Extract comes in convenient single dose glass vials. Simply insert the enclosed straw into the cap and drink as is or dilute in hot or cold water.

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