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Testimony & Presentation - Yafa's story

Yafa's story (Health Issue: Back pain)

  I went to Dr. Guo about 3 years ago. I had a cold that would not go away. It would leave me a week or two, and then recur. When I saw Dr. Guo, this condition had been going on for a few months. During our conversation, Dr. Guo asked me if I had any other problems. I told him that I had chronic back pain, but the chiropractor helped me with that. He asked how often I saw the chiropractor, and I answered, “ Oh, about every 2 weeks.” Dr. Guo said he could help me with my back, which I thought was incredible, and I told him so. Since I had been suffering with my back pain for twenty years. He gave me herbs to address my constant cold and my back. This was in June, by early December I realized that I had not been at the chiropractor for over 5 months! Life had become so routine. I did not even realize that somehow my back had become stronger.

  The following August I made an appointment to see my chiropractor because of some discomfort – not pain, and he said, “Where have you been?” I told him not to worry, I did not start a different chiropractor, but that I had been taking Chinese herbs – it seemed to have had an effect!

  He checked me out and said that my discomfort was from tense muscles in my neck – not surprising since I had just returned from a 20 hours flight overseas. He said my back was excellent, and I should keep up whatever I was doing, because it was obviously good for me. I hardly ever go to the chiropractor now, thank God, and I certainly got rid of that perpetual cold.  

(May 19, 2005)

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