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Testimony & Presentation - Letter from T.E.

Letter from T.E. (Health Issue: Swelling of foot and ankle)

   I have been known Dr. Guo as a TCM herbalist for many years now (7or 9).

Most recently, I've had a problem with the swelling of my right leg, especially the foot and ankle. I've been to a couple of doctors, took blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound examining -  doctors could not diagnose my condition. The only treatment I was offered were pills to treat fluid retention, which had no effect whatsoever. One of them even told me flat-out, I don't know what's wrong with you.”
Things got worse over last 3-4 years. I could not wear regular shoes, and there were even times when my foot got red, hot, and so swollen, that I could not bend my toes at all. I did not notice any connection between my condition and the outside temperature, my activity or inactivity, the food I ate, or the amount of fluid I drank.
My only resort was Dr. Guo. During my first appointment with him, I was told that it will take time and persistence to treat this condition. And I knew it wouldn't be cheap ether.  But what alternative did I have? It took about 4 months, several visits and many bottles of herbal pills. At times I'd be very discouraged by not seeing the quick progress we're used to in Western pharmacology, but Dr. Guo was very confident it would succeed. And he was right, for here I am today, 4 months after the completion of my treatment, with my normal very thin ankle and normal foot.

Once again he proved to me the wisdom of TCM and his great knowledge of it.

Just a foot note: my husband and daughter are also his grateful patients.

T.E. Jan. 2013

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