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Testimony & Presentation - A letter from Rebecca

A letter from Rebecca

   In January of 2004, my seven year old son, saw Dr. Guo for three reasons: acute anxiety, allergies, and asthma. He had been treated with a SSRI drug called Celexa since he was five, and diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder at that time. Further, he acquired asthma and many allergies since the age of three. As a mother, I was extremely concerned about the amount and kind of drugs he was put on, but the doctors told me I had no choice, and I didn't know any better, thought my gut told me to continue my search for alternative methods of treatment. In January of this past year, a neighbor introduced me to Dr. Guo, and since that January appointment, our son and the rest of our family, are finely at ease with the treatment he is taking. Our son's anxieties are far more controlled with herbal treatments than they were on the SSRI drug, Celexa. So, we thought he was getting the best results possible from Celexa, when in fact, we saw a dramtic difference in behaviors! between those when he was on Celexa and now the herbal treatments. It is now May, and he is probably at 85-90% of where we'd like him to be at age seven.

   With those positive results, I decided to take my three & 1/2 year old daughter in to see Dr. Guo. She was diagnosed with eczema since she was an infant. In the past months, the itchy patches on her back started to bleed from the scratching. In just ten days on herbal treatments, her hives were reduced by 90%. I may see one small hive every few days now, whereas before, I was seeing many all over her body daily. She will continue her treatment for a few more weeks, and then she should be complete.

   I decided in April, that it was time to take care of my eczema, a condition I have had for seventeen years. After ten days, I watched my eczema disappear before my eyes. This, to me, is miraculous, since Western medicine will only prescribe "band-aid" style ointments, that typically last only 24 hrs. For the first time in seventeen years, my eczema is GONE - six weeks into treatment. Further, I was carrying a lot of stress in my upper back - muscles there and in my neck were beginning to cause me problems. Dr. Guo prescribed herbs for that problem, too, and I no longer have any tightness in my back or neck.

   I couldn't be more happy for my children, who don't have to suffer all their lives with conditions that would otherwise be treated in a "band-aid" style approach. And, I cannot thank Dr. Guo enough for his genius -- we are three, healthier people, because of him.

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